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EContent Magazine... Emma Boling: A Case of Seamless Ebook Enhancement

June 2014

From the experience of publishing her first book with the Penguin Group Australia, Boling had firsthand knowledge of the disruption underway in traditional publishing. "I knew, with this book, that I wanted to start from a spot ahead of the curve from a technical standpoint," Boling says. Historical fiction, she believes, is a perfect genre for allowing readers to enrich their reading experience by referring to maps, character biographies, photos, and drawings. But Boling was adamant about not allowing those enhancements to interrupt the flow of the story. "I thought a lot about how I could use technology developments to provide a great reader experience, something that would provide seamless integration between the story and the technology," she says.Add News Story here

Benjamin Franklin Digital Award

May 2014

Mistress of France has won a coveted Benjamin Franklin Digital Award in the US.  Emma Boling's historical fiction novel set in the court of Renaissance France is a proud Gold Honoree.  The awards are decided by the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Digital Book World Awards

14th January 2014

Australian author Emma Boling proudly accepted the prestigious Digital Book World Award on January 14 in New York for her historical fiction and enhanced Ebook, Mistress of France. Held during the Digital Book World Conference, the annual Digital Book World Awards were hosted by LeVar Burton, actor and co-founder of Reading Rainbow.  The awards celebrate innovation in Apps and Ebook publishing.

Picture shows Emma Boling (author), Sherisse Hawkins and Alex Milewski (Beneath the Ink).

[photo by A.E. Fletcher Photography]

Award Finalist

December 2013

Digital Book World have announced the finalists in their 2013 Book Awards.  Mistress of France has been recognised by the judges as a finalist in its category: EBook Enhanced - Adult Fiction.  The final winners are awarded later in December.  Good luck to all finalists in all categories.

Boulder start-up develops technology for readers to go Beneath the Ink

Daily Camera Oct 2013

The first titles to use Binks include Emma Boling's "Mistress of France" and re-releases of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia" and "Sherlock Holmes and the Red-Headed League," and Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."
Beneath the Ink is in discussions with several authors and publishers, Hawkins said.
Boling, an Australia-based author who met Hawkins and Milewski last year and now serves as an advisor to the firm, said she was intrigued by the technology. Beneath the Ink's software allowed for an eBook to be more than a facsimile of a physical book, she said.
"eBooks don't replace a hard copy, they add another dimension to them," Boling wrote in an email to the Camera. "Beneath the Ink have developed a way that I can interact as an author with my readers.
"The philosophy is to provide authors with a tool to immerse their readers in the world they have created, and to keep them in the pages."
For "Mistress of France," a historical fiction piece well-populated with characters, Boling utilized the company's Character Cloud, which allowed for readers to click on a name to find out more information about the character.
"We've all had to put down a book for a few days and then try and get back into it and remember who is who," Boling said. "Binks are an opportunity to surprise your readers with a tantalizing piece of information."
Boling said she added more Binks to provide context and information and then sorted them based on their relevance and uniqueness. She liked that the author had some control in helping to keep a reader engaged with a story as opposed to disturbing the process.
"Finally I worked through the flow of the story and even if the Bink was interesting, if I felt it disrupted the flow, it was out," she said.

Beneath the Ink: A portal to adjacent content

Digital Book World Oct 2013

For some time now, Digimark and other augmented reality companies like Blippar and Netpage have been making print magazines digitally interactive. Can ebooks be thoughtfully improved in similar ways to give digital readers non-intrusive, author-curated content that’s ready to be browsed just beneath the surface?

Sherisse Hawkins, CEO of the e-publishing startup Beneath the Ink, thinks so.

Previously, Hawkins was the VP of software development at Time Warner cable and a Senior Engineer for Walt Disney Imagineering. She has expertise in product development and has successfully managed high tech teams developing innovative products. Hawkins loves technology and believes that creativity is the highest form of human intelligence. She’s passionate about making products that people love.

DBW spoke with Hawkins to find out just how the team of readers and technologists at Beneath the Ink are influencing the future of digital book publishing.

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