• While studying Egyptology for my honors year thesis at university I taught myself to read and translate hieroglyphics.  The ancient histories hold a particular fascination for me.

  • My two Burmese cats are referred to as my staff.  The life of a writer can be lonely at times but my office has purring employees to keep me company.

  • Cooking is one of my favorite pastimes and in particular French and Italian cuisines. My current specialty dishes are duck and pomegranate molasses ragu with papadelle, coq au vin, bouillabaisse, crème caramel and Grand Marnier soufflé.

  • I once owned a small vineyard growing cold climate pinot noir and chardonnay.  The grapes were managed by a vineyard called Stoniers and blended into a number of wines that won international awards.

  • Jam making from the produce from our small farm is a bit of a hobby.  My best to date are rhubarb and vanilla, nectarine, fejoa and rhubarb and quince paste and jelly.

  • Over my life I have bred and raced many successful racehorses.

  • I am blessed with three adult step kids.

  • The first person to read my books (when I have finished a draft) is my mum.

  • Gardening and growing food to pick and cook is a rewarding respite from the computer screen.

  • Forgive me but I’m not a natural facebooker.

  • Much of my writing is done in the botanical gardens near where I live in the city.  It’s such a perfect environment with no interruptions.  I can sit there for hours and write - even in winter.

Random Facts about Me

sleeping cats