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The Renaissance in Europe was a time of knowledge, of chivalry, of religious dissent, of fabulous courts and larger than life kings.  The great artists decorated the churches, palaces and chateaux with their new techniques and the genius Leonardo da Vinci scrawled endlessly in notebooks, an outpouring of pure intellect that is still marveled at today.

Author Emma Boling has tackled the complexities of this period in her historical fiction novel Mistress of France, the first in a planned trilogy centering on the court of Renaissance France and the extraordinary characters that inhabited it.

This was a time of three powerful kings - King Francois I of France, King Henry VIII of England and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V who ruled Spain and much of Europe. On this stage the story of young Catherine de Medici and the elegant Diane de Poitiers unfolds - the tale of two women who loved a man destined to be king.


Mistress of France will initially be released as the prototype of a new enhanced ebook enabling technical capability developed by Beneath the Ink.


Beneath the Ink enhanced ebook version of Mistress of France has lots of cool features.

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Illustrations by Bill Wood for Mistress of France