Picture gallery of Renaissance France

I have taken many photographs that helped inspire my writing. Now you can explore some of the context behind Mistress of France in the gallery below. Make sure the arrows on each slide show are highlighted before clicking.
In Repose

The Cathedral of Saint-Denis is a wealth of statues as the last resting place for the King's of France.  The statues were made in their likeness and allow us to see them in stature and features.

The statue of Diane de Poitiers is from her Chateau Anet in Normandy.

A wealth of palaces

I never tire of looking at or taking photos of the magnificent Chateaux and palaces of the French Renaissance.  Sitting in the gardens I swear I can sometimes hear the clatter of horses and the haunting tune from a lute.

It's all in the Detail

We are fortunate that so many of the details from such a magnificent period of history have been preserved.  Here you can see a snapshot of some of the pictures I took to flesh out the smaller details of Mistress of France.



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